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Wyvacon 2013

Pure Steam represented for the second year at Wyvacon, a sci-fi convention right in the heart of Ullera’s state of Harmonia. There were great vendors, cosplayers, and grognards about.

We ran demos of the Grassy Spur adventure, and took preorders from some excited gamers. (Fun fact: our Grassy Spur artist, Chris DeHart, is the Wyvacon organizer.)

Our fumigant snatched up a little one for ransom. She looks worried.
But a member of the 501st laid down the law.20130728-101902.jpg

We had a blast. Pure Steam was well received. And we met a lot of awesome folks. Wyvacon had tons of prizes for raffle, and their proceeds went to St. Jude’s. This year, the top prize was this Ender’s Game graphic novel signed by Orson Scott Card!

Nerdity…it’s for the children.

Bottom line, if you’re within a drive to Wytheville, VA, you need to check out Wyvacon next year. We’ll be there!

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