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Gencon 2013

We’ll be using this spot to update you as to our GenCon Indy 2013 activities. We are running seven demos this year. Only two are left and are Saturday: one at 5:00pm, and one at 6:00pm. Meeting room 207 of the JW Marriott. If you want, you can play through successive sessions with the same [...]

Wyvacon 2013

Pure Steam represented for the second year at Wyvacon, a sci-fi convention right in the heart of Ullera’s state of Harmonia. There were great vendors, cosplayers, and grognards about. We ran demos of the Grassy Spur adventure, and took preorders from some excited gamers. (Fun fact: our Grassy Spur artist, Chris DeHart, is the Wyvacon [...]

Pure Steam at Wyvacon

Wyvacon is Wytheville, VA’s sci-fi convention. Why is it near and dear to us at Pure Steam? Well, it takes place a stone’s throw from Bluefield, the basis for Ullera’s capitol of Summit City. It’s organized by Chris DeHart, one of our artists. And it’s as indie as we are, and we love underdogs. Wyvacon [...]