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Pure Steam Minis!

We’ve finally got our minis! Produced as a stretch goal from our Kickstarter project, these beautiful minis capture the Pure Steam setting perfectly.

Con Goodwin, our iconic Ructioneer, dual wields his pistols with his pneumatic gauntlets on. The level of detail on this sculpt is unbelievable, causing one customer to exclaim, “There’s even a needle on his gauges!”

Con Mini frontCon Mini back

Next up is Burrigun Rostren, our iconic Gearhead. Armed with his steamthrower, he’s ready to lay down some hot water vapor! Burrigun was recently painted, and looks sharp.

burrigun mini frontburrigun mini backburrigun mini paint

Snag these strapping metal gents over at our Products page. We have more minis to come. Stay tuned!