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PSA: Your Moonshiner and Booze

This is an intervention.

After some recent game demos, it appears we need to sit down and discuss your alcohol problem. No, it’s not that you’re drinking too much. It’s that you’re not drinking enough.

Mr. Moonshiner, you were blessed by and iron gut and a stalwart liver. This means you can afford to drink. A lot.

And you have seemed to forget that booze can boost one of your physical ability scores. Ok, so it’ll give a mental ability score a penalty, but we never pegged you for a thinker.

Don’t forget, the more you drink, the more intoxication points you get. Spending those points can get you the boost you need in the heat of combat, from a quick 5ft shift to an immediate saving throw bonus.

So, drink up buddy. No one will judge you, unless you remain sober.

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