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Q: What is Pure SteamTM?

A: Pure SteamTM can refer to a few things. The Pure Steam Campaign Setting is a set of unique rules, characters, locations, and scenarios for pen and paper roleplaying. Rules-wise, everything is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game under their Compatibility License. If you know how to play Pathfinder, you can easily start a Pure SteamTM game!

Pure SteamTM itself also a fictional, hypothetical energy source from the Campaign Setting.

Pure SteamTM can also refer to the universe of the Campaign Setting, including works of fiction and our original soundtrack.


Q: Where can I buy Pure SteamTM?

A: You can buy the Campaign Setting PDF from our Products page, or from DriveThruRPG or

Print copies, as well as our original soundtrack, are now available on our Products page.


Q: What do I need to play?

A: You’ll need the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rules, our book, some dice and paper, and some friends.


Q: Do you have any errata?

A: Yes we do. You’ll find our errata here.


Q: Do I have to buy Pathfinder to play Pure SteamTM?

A: Not necessarily. All the relevant rules are available here for free.


Q: Will you have future products? When?

A: We are currently working on the first module in a Pure Steam adventure path series, “The Ruby Spider,” titled “Misfortune in Greenbill,” in the interim of the second campaign setting supplement. The second campaign supplement itself will be another 100+ page book, with a wild west theme.

As far as timing, we are aiming for early 2015 releases. We may be able to release the adventure path module by the end of 2014.


Q: What is your original soundtrack?

A: Since it’s become common for tabletop gamers to employ audio tracks to evoke a certain feel for their game. From motion picture scores to video game soundtracks, this music serves to deepen the immersion into the game world. We’ve released approximately an hour of original tracks composed specifically for the steampunk landscape of Ullera.