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Parlay on YouTube

We’ve released Parlay, one of our unique battle tracks for Pure Steam. Check it out here. While you’re at it, take a peek at all the updates on Kickstarter! We have the bareknuckle boxer preview up, which packs a punch!


We’ve posted several updates to our kickstarter project here. There are previews of the Gearhead and Moonshiner alchemist archetypes, plus artwork. Here is some concept art of a mysterious blood-sucking beast that roams southwestern Ullera.


We are pleased to announce our project is live on Kickstarter. The project isn’t open for long, so help get us funded so we can publish our game by Christmas 2012! Update: we are 22% funded on Kickstarter and we’ve been up less than a week! We are posting answers to FAQs in the Updates [...]

Get up, Goodwin

“Get up, Goodwin.” The voice was about as smooth as steel dragged across gravel. It would have taken no less to wake him up. Eyes squinted, blocking out as much sunlight as possible. Darn hangover, he thought. He bared his teeth and blinked his eyes open more. Apparently he had passed out against one of [...]


Welcome to our site! Pure Steam is an alternate history, Pathfinder compatible, steampunk setting. Our goal is to provide a unique steampunk experience that proves fun and exciting to players and GMs alike. We will be launching our Kickstarter fundraising project around 1/1/12. Please stay connected with us to follow and support the project! Twitter: [...]