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Beta Playtest

Our open beta playtest is live. Open to the public, our doc is 100 pages of new subraces, classes, archetypes, feats, arms and armor, monsters, and vehicles. 100% compatible with the Pathfinder RPG, this PDF is a free download for a limited time at this link. We want to hear from you! Please leave feedback [...]

GenCon 2012

Pure Steam rocked GenCon Indy this year. Too indie to afford a proper booth, we roamed the grounds. Dr. Bertrand Ecklund, recently exiled from Summit City on accusations of ‘unnatural experimentation,’ represented the game. A team of ghost-busting steampunks provided security. Steampunk Santa is real, and frequents Indy’s food trucks. We were able to hook [...]

Pure Steam at Wyvacon

Wyvacon is Wytheville, VA’s sci-fi convention. Why is it near and dear to us at Pure Steam? Well, it takes place a stone’s throw from Bluefield, the basis for Ullera’s capitol of Summit City. It’s organized by Chris DeHart, one of our artists. And it’s as indie as we are, and we love underdogs. Wyvacon [...]

Thanks, Kickstarter

We exceeded our Kickstarter goal, reaching over $15,000 in funding! Thanks to everyone who made it happen. We are polishing the playtest PDF for our upper end backers. They should see it before June. After 30 days, ee’ll share with everyone. Stay tuned!

Steampunk Empire Symposium

We made it to the Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati this weekend. What a great time! Some of the highlights were meeting Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Steampunk Boba Fett, and seeing the Extraordinary Contraptions. We sat down and played some games in the parlor, and witnessed a zeppelin race in the atrium. Late Friday night, we [...]

Ulleran Races Preview

We have posted an update on Kickstarter with a preview of the common races in Ullera. The update includes: Brey Dwarves Drague Dwarves Gentry Gnomes Sharper Gnomes Leatherfoot Halflings Tenderfoot Halflings

Parlay on YouTube

We’ve released Parlay, one of our unique battle tracks for Pure Steam. Check it out here. While you’re at it, take a peek at all the updates on Kickstarter! We have the bareknuckle boxer preview up, which packs a punch!


We’ve posted several updates to our kickstarter project here. There are previews of the Gearhead and Moonshiner alchemist archetypes, plus artwork. Here is some concept art of a mysterious blood-sucking beast that roams southwestern Ullera.


We are pleased to announce our project is live on Kickstarter. The project isn’t open for long, so help get us funded so we can publish our game by Christmas 2012! Update: we are 22% funded on Kickstarter and we’ve been up less than a week! We are posting answers to FAQs in the Updates [...]