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GenCon 50

Pure Steam had a blast at GenCon 50! What a way to celebrate gaming history. This was our first year with a booth space. We sold Pure Steam and Westbound, as well as minis from our RPG line. We also sold our novella, The Alchemist’s Run. Our vehicle artist, Alejandro Lee (47ness), had his comics [...]

Westbound Now on Kickstarter

 Our first expansion, Westbound, is now funding on Kickstarter. Westbound is a hefty time of steampunk Wild West goodness you can use with or without Pure Steam. We’ve got a ton of great rewards and amazing stretch goals, so check it out here!

Pure Steam Minis!

We’ve finally got our minis! Produced as a stretch goal from our Kickstarter project, these beautiful minis capture the Pure Steam setting perfectly. Con Goodwin, our iconic Ructioneer, dual wields his pistols with his pneumatic gauntlets on. The level of detail on this sculpt is unbelievable, causing one customer to exclaim, “There’s even a needle [...]

Steamthrower Entry into Pandora Society Contest

Pure Steam’s very own Chris Dehart has entered into the Pandora Society Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets Contest. We wish him the best of luck! His entry is the steamthrower, the iconic weapon of our iconic Dwarven Gearhead, Burrigun Rostren. Here’s the concept art of the steamthrower. And here’s the steamthrower in the hands of our [...]

Gencon 2013

We’ll be using this spot to update you as to our GenCon Indy 2013 activities. We are running seven demos this year. Only two are left and are Saturday: one at 5:00pm, and one at 6:00pm. Meeting room 207 of the JW Marriott. If you want, you can play through successive sessions with the same [...]

PSA: Your Moonshiner and Booze

This is an intervention. After some recent game demos, it appears we need to sit down and discuss your alcohol problem. No, it’s not that you’re drinking too much. It’s that you’re not drinking enough. Mr. Moonshiner, you were blessed by and iron gut and a stalwart liver. This means you can afford to drink. [...]

Wyvacon 2013

Pure Steam represented for the second year at Wyvacon, a sci-fi convention right in the heart of Ullera’s state of Harmonia. There were great vendors, cosplayers, and grognards about. We ran demos of the Grassy Spur adventure, and took preorders from some excited gamers. (Fun fact: our Grassy Spur artist, Chris DeHart, is the Wyvacon [...]

Beta Playtest

Our open beta playtest is live. Open to the public, our doc is 100 pages of new subraces, classes, archetypes, feats, arms and armor, monsters, and vehicles. 100% compatible with the Pathfinder RPG, this PDF is a free download for a limited time at this link. We want to hear from you! Please leave feedback [...]

GenCon 2012

Pure Steam rocked GenCon Indy this year. Too indie to afford a proper booth, we roamed the grounds. Dr. Bertrand Ecklund, recently exiled from Summit City on accusations of ‘unnatural experimentation,’ represented the game. A team of ghost-busting steampunks provided security. Steampunk Santa is real, and frequents Indy’s food trucks. We were able to hook [...]